Welcome to ‘Musical Instrument Facts!’

Here you are on a website which is dedicated to bringing you all the facts you ever wanted to know about musical instruments!

Hi, my name is Barry, and I’ve been a performer for 50 years, a music store owner for 19 years, and a musical instrument repair technician for 35 years.

In that time, I’ve accumulated lots of knowledge about which instruments sound best, which are the best made, which are the best deals, which ones are collectible, how best to get the right instrument into your hands (buy? rent?), which are best for  beginning students, which are best for advanced players and pros, and which repairs are advisable if you decide to buy a used instrument.

The purpose of the pages and posts here is to get you the information you’re seeking when you step into the musical instrument world.  There are a great many manufacturers of instruments all around the world, some of them make great products, some don’t.

Some makers build certain kinds of instruments well, but not others. Some only make one kind of instrument, but sell other kinds with their names on them, which are built by yet other makers.

A lot of instrument builders have made great models in the past, but are no longer making that model for whatever reason. Many of these very good instruments are still available as used instruments. If that approach appeals to you, I’ve got the things you need to look out for on these pages.

There are pages and posts dedicated to specific instruments, some just for the maintenance and repair of these instruments, and others about music and music education.

Specific information is available here about wind instruments, guitars, orchestral strings, percussion, electronic instruments, and the care and feeding of all these types of beauties.

In the business end of things, there is advice here on buying new and used instruments, renting an instrument, and a few words about your local music store.

If collecting is your thing, there’s information about brands and models that might appeal to you.

In short, if it’s facts about musical instruments that you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome, and please feel free to comment on what you find here!

*Note – some pages are still under construction, and may not be available yet.  Please be patient, it is my intent to get is all up and running ASAP!





2 thoughts on “Welcome to ‘Musical Instrument Facts!’”

  1. Hi, Israel, and thanks for your interest!  So glad you’re having fun on the site.  Music has been my life for about 50 years now, and it’s fun sharing with other enthusiasts like yourself. Many more updates are planned in a large number of categories, so check back soon!

  2. Hey Barry!

    This is so interesting! I love music, and musical instruments, and I think knowing more about all this is very beneficial, since music is a very important part of everyone’s life, it’s everywhere.

    I personally would love to know more about this magnificient world, so I’ll be waiting for the updates 😉

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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